If you want the convenience of having many of your favorite cuts of meat in your freezer, but are short on space, try one of our freezer bundles. They offer the perfect mix of our most popular cuts in quantities small enough to fit your freezer space and are budget friendly.

  • Bundles are available by pre-order
  • Prices are determined by hanging weight and include cutting, wrapping and blast freezing


Small Beef Bundle 33-35#

Rib Steaks(6), Ground Beef (15#)
Chuck Roast(3), Arm Roast(1)

Family Packs

Cubed Steaks 5# Bag (16-20)
Fresh Pork Chops 5# Bag (14-16)
Smoked Pork Chops 5# Bag(8-10)
Cubed Tenderloins 5# Bag(16-20)

Big Beef Bundle

Arm Roast(1), Chuck Roast(4)
Rump Roast(1), Rib Steaks(6)
Sirloin Steaks(3-4), Tip Steaks(3-4)
T-Bone(6-7), Round Steaks(2-3)
Ground Beef(24#)

Freezer Beef – Choice of:

Whole Beef
Half Beef
Hind Quarter Beef
Front Quarter Beef
* Prices/# Based on Hanging Weight – Call for Pricing

Pork Bundle

Bacon(4), Sausage (5-6)
Pork Steaks(5), Pork Chops(12-15)
Smoked Ham Roast(1)
Smoked Ham Slices(3)
Spare Ribs (1/4 slab)

Freezer Hog – Choice of:

Whole Hog
Half Hog
* Prices/# Based on Hanging Weight – Call for Pricing

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