Deer Processing

We accept whole carcass deer for processing starting early youth season until the final day of the deer hunting season.   We accept clean boneless meat for processing into products.

We do offer a 24 hour drop off cooler, however before dropping off a deer it must be checked in with the state.  Please note this year the State has changed the check-in process and all harvests will be processed on-line via Indiana.Gov DNR.

Deer Cuts

Deer Regular Cut:

Deer Burger

OR Other Options Instead of Regular Cut:

Whole or sliced
Steaks, Jerky, Smoked Ham
Bulk 1 lb.

Summer Sausage & Snack Stix

Summer Sausage

Regular SS
SS w/ Cheddar Cheese
SS w/ Jalapeno Cheese
SS w/ Habanero Cheese
Hot SS

Snack Stix

Regular Snack Stix
Snack Stix w/Cheddar Cheese
Snack Stix w/Jalapeno Cheese
HOT Snack Stix
Deer Bacon
Deer Bratwurst
Skinless Smoked Sausage

Boneless Meat Trimmings:  We accept CLEAN, BONLESS, FRESH OR FOZEN deer meat for processing into products.  Please use clear plastic food grade bags or containers to store your fresh meat.  We will NOT accept meat in trash bags because of chemicals used in the production of these bags.  We will need your check-in confirmation number.  Note:  Jerky is made from the whole round.  If you want jerky made, bring entire ham leave whole with bone in.  There will be a charge for de-boning any NON-boneless trimmings.